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Certified expertise in Node.js, AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.


15+ years of subcontracting experience.
No risk. We know how to work remotely.

High quality approach

Focus on world-class best practices and coding standards. We develop projects for BMW, Daimler, SAP, Fujitsu and others.


Customer focus, proactivity, passion. European culture.


Eastern Europe.
2 hours of flight to any European capital.

Affordable price

We offer you services at about
half the rates of US/EU dev companies
with higher efficiency.

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Trusted by Customers


Daimler's new Global Buying System GLOBUS has an effective web-based help function and user support now. We have chosen *instinctools' innovative solution and because of it, our needs are satisfied in terms of multilingual content, flexibility and scalability.

Uwe Funk Manager ITM/PSE - Procurement Systems Daimler AG


The development team of *instinctools have fulfilled our expectations in terms of delivery schedule, quality and budget conformance. We will gladly place development orders to *instinctools also in the future.

Mr. Ulrich Callmeier Managing Director acrolinx GmbH


I've hired top US engineers, and I've hired *instinctools engineers - as individual engineers and as a fully managed team. Simply put: the quality is right there with top US-based engineering, but the price isn't.

Vlad Lokshin CEO of DarwinApps

CTO at AT-Consulting

The team reacts fast and flexible. All the reports are full and timely. All the issues are transparent and concrete.

Kashin Sergej CTO at AT-Consulting

Recent Projects

Live video broadcasting platform
Live video broadcasting platform
Uber-like application for calling a taxi
Uber-like application for calling a taxi
Node.js API Proxy for in-house applications
Node.js API Proxy for in-house applications
Web portal for collaboration between civil society and government
Web portal for collaboration between
civil society and government

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